Traditional vs Electronic Christmas Cards

Traditional vs. Electronic Christmas Cards

Electronic communication has taken over interactions. Today, you can send a message to someone across the globe or street, and they will receive the information in an instance. Does that make the traditional, printed Christmas cards obsolete? Here is an outline of the advantages of conventional and electronic cards.

Advantages of electronic Christmas cards

Electronic cards offer various benefits, such as these three.

1. Speed

You do not need to invest a lot of time when sending a digital card. In fact, you will not have to think ahead. Also, the card will reach your recipient moments later. One can even attach cards to the email and set up a delivery date.

2. Convenience

It is outright that electronic Charity Greeting Cards are convenient. You need not spend hours in from of your computer to get the card done. All you’ve got to do is to visit a website that specializes in such as get a Christmas card that instance.

3. Cost

Whether you want a card for your boyfriend or grandmother, you can quickly get one from the internet. There is an assortment of Christmas cards of all sorts of descriptions. The good thing is that these cards come at zero cost. There is, therefore, no need of paying for postage.

Advantages of traditional Christmas cards

Although electronic cards offer time and financial savings, they have not replaced the conventional cards yet.

1. Personalization

Traditional cards offer a considerable level of customization that an electronic card cannot match. Besides the option of selecting the card design and printed verse, you can also include a personalized handwritten message. Even when you are unable to write a note, you can just sign or write your recipient’s address and name.

2. Visibility

Usually, people like displaying their Christmas cards at the fireplace mantel or any other visible location in the house. Sometimes they refer to the card or read it to friends. Even if you choose to print out a digital card, it might not compare to the traditional card in feel and look. After a recipient receives the electronic card, they are likely to read it a few times then archive it.

3. Heartfelt greetings

The electronic card might be filled with genuine and sentimental messages, but it is difficult to convey such emotions electronically. Taking your effort and time to choose a traditional Christmas card, include a bit of a personal note and mail it to your loved one goes a long way in showing that you care. Besides that, many people have a difficult time expressing complex emotions by typing; they prefer handwritings.

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