Right Christmas Cards For Occasions

How to Choose the Right Christmas Card for The Occasion


When the holiday season rolls around and cash seems to be flying out of your pocket, buying a giant box of generic Christmas cards may seem like a great idea. But the truth is that over personalized cards can make you seem unprofessional at work parties and the generic Christmas card may seem puny to family members who haven’t seen your family in a while. So how do you choose the best card for the occasion? It can be tricky, but that’s why we’ve come up with this quick but helpful guide to choosing the best card for the occasion.

Christmas Party

While it’s true that workplaces are trying to encourage “work family” ethics, the fact is that in most businesses, the over-the-top customized Christmas Cards Charity Greeting Cards with your whole family on it just won’t be appropriate. Sure, it’s cute, but when a roomful of luke warm acquaintances are staring at it, they don’t fully appreciate it. Buying tasteful premade cards is more than appropriate for any workplace Christmas parties or get-togethers. It’s a polite way to let your co-workers know that you’re thinking of them during the holidays without over-investing.

Scattered Family

In the same vein, sending the generic Christmas cards off to family members who love you and haven’t seen you in forever can seem cold and uncaring. They’re more than deserve a tasteful card with a picture of your family tucked inside. These Christmas cards should be more personal, but not completely customized. You want the photo to feel like a gift itself, which is just accentuated by the card.

Close Friends

Close friends are the ones who should be able to reap the benefits of having helped you pick out the ridiculous Christmas sweaters and wacky tree ornaments. Your close friends and family members deserve the full-on, customizable Christmas cards with the picture of your family right on the front. They know you, they’ve been there through good and bad, and they probably really did help to pick out the sweaters. Close friends can enjoy the novelty of a good-natured and well-humored customized Christmas card.

Can you get away with “mixing and matching” these? Of course! You’re the only one who can really decide the best course of action for your particular situation. But our quick guide can definitely help point you in the right direction if you’re feeling a little lost!

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